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Advanced mapping capabilities

As the source, Maxar delivers expedited high-resolution satellite imagery and derived data for accurate mapping and analysis—anywhere in the world.

This demo provides an interactive look at how Maxar imagery basemaps, 3D models, derived geospatial data, advanced analytics and intelligence teams can alleviate common mapping challenges that affect mission planning.

Since the fall of Moammar Gadhafi in 2011, political factions and conflict have seized oil-rich Libya. In 2015, the United Nations stood up a Tripoli-based administration, the Government of National Accord, which is supported by surrounding tribal militias. Foreign influence gave rise to the Benghazi-based House of Representatives government, led by ex-Gadhafi military official Khalifa Haftar and the Libyan National Army.

Rival groups waged civil wars, riddling the urban landscape with destruction and reconstruction—a mapping nightmare for humanitarian, foreign intelligence and commercial organizations working within the country. Explore Tripoli in our immersive 3D, and examine change over time.

Why 3D?

With coverage of denied and hard-to-reach areas and the ability to integrate multiple data sources, Maxar’s immersive 3D models are the foundation for training, simulation and operations. Powerful visualization and information extracted from the decision-ready 3D data—like height, classification and elevation—provide superior situational awareness and mission planning.

What is happening?

Maxar foundational mapping capabilities save time and resources to produce scalable, consistent high-quality data for planning, intelligence and analysis—helping you visualize and understand what is happening where.


With a guaranteed geolocation accuracy of ≤ 5 m CE90 for imagery basemaps, Maxar delivers mission-grade data and confidence for critical decisions. Maxar 3D data products deliver the most accurate 3D representation of Earth, with an absolute accuracy of 3 m SE90 and 50 cm resolution worldwide. This superior accuracy is achieved without ground control points and is consistent on all surfaces and terrain types, including building facades.


The Maxar constellation collects more than 3 million sq km of high-resolution satellite imagery every day. Each Maxar 3D data product is built from our 125-petabyte archive of the highest quality commercial satellite imagery, using the same industry-leading automated 3D production process and highest standards. The core output is Maxar 3D Surface Model, from which all other Maxar 3D offerings are derived; all Maxar 3D data products are fully aligned with each other. With the number of sources for sensor data increasing, users require imagery and video to be precisely located. Sensor data must be georegistered to align with the real world. Maxar synthesizes the Globe in 3D with sophisticated algorithms to quickly and accurately georegister

Speed and scalability

Maxar uses its automated 3D image processing algorithms inside a state-of-the-art high-performance computing environment, with direct access to the world’s most trusted commercial satellite imagery. This powerful combination creates unparalleled geospatial capabilities and enables the production of the Globe in 3D at an extremely rapid rate.

A secure source, end-to-end

With our robust library of high-resolution satellite imagery and derived geospatial data, we have the highest quality global foundation for advanced analytics that can answer complex questions at scale.

What will happen next?

Using our Signature Analyst Server, Maxar experts identified key indicators in known areas of conflict to predict where the next attacks could occur. This level of analysis enables interested parties to consider all potential targets.

Find the pattern in the chaos


Maxar Earth Intelligence verifies and conflates multisource data at scale, helping analysts narrow the scope of interest with human geography data and other sources of relevant information to build comprehensive context.


By identifying patterns of activity and points of interest, our special intelligence analysts were able to home in on high-risk areas. Pairing these insights with up-to-date city-scale maps enables better situational awareness, like assessment of medical and relief needs and route planning for safe distribution of supplies.

Maxar mapping capabilities for any mission

Unmapped or poorly mapped areas

Maxar imagery basemaps provide a stunning, virtually seamless, high-resolution image layer that expedites mapping, visualization and analytics over any area of interest (AOI). Maxar 3D models are available even for regions inaccessible to traditional aerial sensors and are based on commercial satellite imagery, without the use of ground control points.

Up-to-date maps

With flexible collection planning and advanced machine learning, Maxar can detect change on a global scale and deliver updates critical to your AOI. Instant delivery of 3D models is available for AOIs in our quickly growing off-the-shelf archive; countrywide AOIs not yet on the shelf can be delivered in weeks to months.

Analysis-ready map data

Maxar simplifies the complexities of gathering and conflating multisource data, giving customers a single, accurate view for their world.

Enriching maps

With the world’s largest satellite image library and advanced analytics, Maxar offers historical and current data with advanced feature extraction and attribution.

Maxar advanced mapping capabilities can support your mission at any level, from premium quality basemaps to full-service intelligence reports.

Imagery basemaps

Maxar offers a suite of high-resolution basemaps, securely derived from our Earth imaging constellation and updated annually. Vivid and Metro basemaps are available off the shelf, but we also offer built-to-order Dynamic and Custom basemaps for unique program needs.

3D Surface Model

Maxar 3D Surface Model, our immersive 3D data with superior accuracy and global coverage, offers the most accurate representation of Earth and powers the Maxar 3D Data Suite. The 50 cm data is produced with a unique automated technology, delivered rapidly and with high precision. It is based on high-resolution commercial satellite imagery, without ground control points.

Persistent Change Monitoring

Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM) is an image-based change detection data layer that uses patented Maxar scale- and sensor-independent algorithms to draw immediate attention to areas of new construction and other activity.

Building footprints

Accelerate mapping and height attribution with 3D-derived building footprints. Leveraging Maxar’s 3D Surface Model, our building footprints feature the same accuracy and scale for decision-ready data with global coverage and rapid delivery. Because our building footprints are derived from our 3D model, height attribution is inherent in the data, supporting mission planning and operations.

Human Landscape

Human Landscape is a foundational human geography dataset that provides rich attribution and metadata at a countrywide scale. Each dataset comprises more than 60 individual data layers across 13 standard human geography themes—reducing operating costs and accelerating time to action for complex missions.

Signature Analyst Server

This patented cloud-based analytics modeling tool enables analysts to examine thousands of geospatial data layers to discover spatial relationships, patterns and preferences associated with different forms of human activity—insight that can then be used to predict where similar activities may occur in the future.

Special intelligence reports and programs

Our agile teams of subject matter experts and analysts can deliver rapid intelligence reports for short-term needs or geospatial services for ongoing intelligence programs.

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