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Crow’s Nest is your eyes in the sky, leveraging multiple satellite constellations and advanced artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) to provide comprehensive maritime monitoring for a greater understanding of vessel activity, regardless of whether vessels are reporting via Automatic Identification System (AIS) or operating dark.

A partial picture

Today, many agencies rely on AIS as their primary source of maritime domain awareness. While an excellent source of information for vessels that voluntarily report, a significant number of vessels operate without AIS or with AIS turned off. This is particularly true of nefarious actors, the vessels of greatest interest for maritime security agencies.

Clarity and automation where needed

Crow’s Nest integrates AIS, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and industry-leading optical sensors to illuminate dark vessel activity. AIS and SAR sensors are used to cover broad areas and detect vessels reporting via AIS and those operating dark.

When vessels of interest are detected via AIS or SAR data, Crow’s Nest automatically tips Maxar’s optical constellation to capture fresh images of these vessels at the highest commercially available satellite resolution, all within mission-relevant timelines.

This comprehensive and automated workflow expedites the sensor-to-decision timeline for decision-makers in the field by delivering timely, clear and reliable evidence of activity and vessel identity.

Integrating Crow's Nest into workflows

Whether investigating suspicious activity, enhancing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in remote regions, or informing response efforts, Crow’s Nest can be easily integrated into existing workflows, shortening the time to value and quickly streamlining operations.


Maritime monitoring and security
In addition to automated tipping and cueing, Crow’s Nest offers a suite of modular capabilities to support any mission and location.

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